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[Solved] a little question
ok so i get 60 fps on low graphics
i get 30 fps on medium graphics
and i get 10 on high
and 1 fps on maximum

well i got a little idea but its kinda stupid idk
can i use speed hacks to reduce my fps?
like when you are watching a replay you can speed it or slow it
but when im in-game i want to play on high graphics with smooth fps
so can i use speed hacks to speed the game to make it feel like 60 fps?

thats not my question
my question is will i get banned if i use speed hacks for this stuff?
If by "speed hacks" you mean increasing the speed of the replay? When you're playing in-game, the replay speed adjuster won't do anything until you've played your match and watched the replay at least once.

Unless you actually hack this game, there is no reason for why you should get banned over using "speed hacks" or, speeding up a replay in better terms.
Oxford Dough Boy
im not meaning to speed the replay
i mean speading the performance of the game itself
the adjuster works with replays but
im talking about speeding the game itself
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Power Punch
I don't think that is possible, however, you can /opt fixedframerate 0 if you want the game to be sped up (exceed the 30/60 fps cap, if your computer can handle it).
Oxford Dough Boy