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There's my attempt. I can sell it for 2,5k:

Yes' there is no seam if you use it in your character.

Is that copy and paste?
ayylmaos are real
pate claims he has a tablet....

But he still, nonetheless, needs to get rid of the line.

I am 90% sure that is another C&P head.

wait, make that 97%

Due to the irregular shading.
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Okay ofc... that head looks like copy and paste!
but look... this is a 5k request on a difficult head.... A regular job would be nice but would come up a little short of what the buyer would want
AND! he has agreed to sell it HALF of the price so if I where you I would buy the head AFTER pate has fixed that ugly line D:
Hi it's Praeter
Lol it isn't copy paste. It's hand shaded. Why would i make copy&paste head like that? There's a fast example of c&p i made.:
Looks like that?

Why would i do a bad copy&paste if i could do better? That's a hand drawn texture.

Yes' and fixed the seam.
Texturing tutorial
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It's not mine but, I found it on PB.

Go to options and click on video and Pip-Boy color and change it to whatever.
ayylmaos are real