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Post your 3rd party requests here and nowhere else.
Ignoring this rule will cause infraction.

Please respect coders work, make your requests comprehensible and not ugly. You spend 10 minutes for a good request, while I spend 20 hours for a good program. Please remember that.

This thread is only for requests.
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Hey, I`d like to request a script that allows you to know how much damage you can create before you even touch uke, by that I mean with the ghost, or to know if you`re going to get a dm in a replay with the ghost too, by telling you if the hit is strong enough or with some kind of damage rate to 1 to 10.
Mod Text Editor
Hey guys, some time ago i think Blam(or someone else) was working on a Mod Editor( TEXT EDITOR NOT THE OTHER ONE) that had syntax highlighting, but i forgot if it was released... can anyone direct me to the thread?
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Replay Hacker
Well, right now all of my hacked replays are done with Notepad.
I was browsing the Mods section, and I came across Juntalis' Replay Editor.
Is there any chance someone could make something similar, seeing as it seems that he's dropped the project?
Can anyone make one like this?

or give me the link for the full script his links are down same with

his linnks are down anyone by any chance have those?

Or if anyone has the mirror to the actual code of it I may fix it up :O
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