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RIP fbx -Tmesh injector
I have spent most of the last 3 months developing an injector to make toribash into the game I HAD assumed people want. But now I after spending a little time asking various members of the community, it seems my time has been wasted and my efforts fruitless.

nonetheless, I currently have a working version of this injector , albeit buggy and a slightly messy approach.

Basically the idea was to import a rigged character mesh directly into toribash as a simple unobtrusive mod, these rigged character meshes, I hoped, would become a replacement for "tori's"...
however I soon realized this was not as easy as it could be various problems in the way toribash works were making life difficult..
In response I wrote a small injector to handle the placement and drawing of these rigs, and slightly tweaked version of toribash which would allow the original tori (which is still there underneath ) to become invisible on most frames,,,

now only the tori's joints will appear, and these will only appear on the static frames, in which you assign joint movement, at all other times the tori is completely hidden from view, although the collision / movement /force, ect are all still handled by this now "invisible" tori.

What this means....
basically this means a tori doesn't have to look like a tori, in fact almost any humanoid character rig converted from an FBX file (with bones or armature) can be used as a replacement.
of course some people prefer their tori's to look like a tori. which is why its designed to run on top of toribash, and be completely optional and separate.

Of course I developed this myself, alone. and as such there are several major issues...;

collision is inaccurate, as it is based on the underlying "invisible tori" so extreme meshes could look like they collide... strangely

dismemberment isn't great, all meshes need to be "pre-dismembered" in order to prevent them "smearing" as the lower leg bone moves away from the upper leg bones, for example.

connected bones are a pain, A rig with "connected" bones will cause issues, as the dismemberment means a bone movement is no longer just a rotation , but translation too

importing the files is a slow process. It took me nearly 30 minutes to process a small FBX character into something the addon can use. this process is tedious, but once completed the ".Tmesh" file format is relatively small (8 to 16mb) this contains all textures needed (including bump and normal mapping), and can be exchanged easily with friends. and once you have the Tmesh , you don't need to process it again...

various shader effects are displayed incorrectly... May be an issue with toribash, may be an issue with the original FBX file.... idk


this add-on will not make you better at toribash, it will not give ANY KIND of advantage in gameplay. it does not access your login details at ANY point. It has no access to your TC, , in fact ALL it does, is to use some draw functions to overlay a mesh onto the tori and then modify the mesh to match the tori's joint rotation and location, and also hide the original tori (when you're not manipulating joints)

<I will post screenshots when i get home>

After spending so long working on this. It troubles me to have to discard the project. I will occasionally try to work on it somewhat, but due to timing and financial obligations this add-on is no longer my priority.

As such this mod is now discontinued due to lack of time, money , and an apparent lack of interest from the community...
So, you created an account specifically to try and get us to download an injector that will change the tori's meshes (which don't exist), using drawing functions.

I'll close this and move it to third party for now, maybe if you PM me I'll open it back up.
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