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3D Full Body Texture Viewer Program
All you people with medium to high end video cards, have a lookie at this little tool.

Full Body Texture Viewer (8.8MB)

Note that this is still in demo mode, so there maybe a few (ok, a lot) of bugs floating around there

Heres the text from the README.txt if any of you are lazy to read it

Texture Previewer Demo (Simple Shader/GLShader Edition)
by: Ray Arvin Rimorin 

Program Version:  Early Beta 3 (07.24.08)

Development Environment
Blender 2.46/Apricot rev15606

How to use:
1. Load textures into the textures subdirectory.
2. Open playerSettings.txt
3. Change joint color to whatever color is wanted
4. Start PreviewerStandard.exe or the PreviewerGLShader.exe

ESC - exit program
Hold down 1 ,2 or 3 in keyboard - change Tori pose
W - shift camera up
S - shift camera down
L - (PreviewerGLShader only) flip lights on and off

Right mouse button - Zoom in camera

BUG Reporting/Feature Requests:

Send a private message to avwave in the toribash forums (
or an email with the Subject line as PROGRAM:toriPreview to rayarvin(at)gmail(dot)com
and I will do my best to rectify the problems

Coming Features:
Normal/bump map preview
Povray screenshot import
OBJ exporter
and a pack of the development screens (1.37MB). If any of you bright ones look at the pictures, you may see one with realtime shadows... still a work in progress =)

Comments and suggestions HIGHLY encouraged

EDIT: Update version 4.1 (FIXES VERSION 4)

Get it here

New features:

Transparencies (lesser lag)
Bumpmaps (Normal Maps)
Shadows and Lighting
Screen Capture (Press P) - screen is saved as screencap.png. Only one screen can be done atm. New screens will overwrite the old one

3D Glasses Mode (seen in 3DAnaglyph.exe)
Bloom lighting (seen in Bloomtest.exe) Press O to toggle

Fixed hand texture and foot texture mapping
Interface edit

Bugs and suggestions again are heavily igno.... appreciated!
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im the first one to post here!
im gonna test this rightaway!
btw: you can make stuff in blender?! i can only make ragdolls and some crappy cargame -.-
EDIT: tested, im impressed that you can make stuff like that in blender... but can you try to have transperancy compatibility? i get the yellow stuff on places were its transparant....
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I try this program and it`s awesome!

EDIT: Where is the place to change the joints?
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OHH EEMM GEE avwave <3 loves avwave like sex!

Great programing you got here man. Looking forward to future versions
joint colors can be changed in textures/playerSettings.txt

Previewer Version 2:
Features: Transparencies

Next up: BumpMaps!

and patch came early... turning on transparencies slowed framerate to like 1 fps on my machine.... so its up to you gifted with better hardware to test this bad boy
testing update...
edit: well... i got around 3 fps on that one... can you try to make it less grafics intensive? its way too slow >.<
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