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Regarding 3/4 player mod
Is there a way to get an old version of Toribash (3.7), get 3/4 payer mod and host it ?
im just wondering if its possible to do this
Unfortunately i believe that this is impossible as the mod no longer exists, and it won't work in multiplayer either, despite the client version, as it was removed due to being very buggy.
hope this helps
P.S: I think you have posted in the wrong section.
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Simple, using this tutorial
There happens to be a 3.72 clients attached already.
If it doesn't work, use Jarmund's database.
Word of warning, it's fairly laggy.
Could there be a way if a tb user would be a fairly good coder and rebuilt a version of toribash with more players?, I do think you'd probably still need the original "copy" of the game.
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