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[WIP] Toribash in Unity 5
Hello! This is my first post (I think)

I have a nice idea for toribash, but made by the community if Hampa accepts it :/

It will be a free game ^^

Is not move your own joints, it will use WASD, and some combinated keys to make kicks, punch, rolls, jumps with kicks, jump with puch, and parkour. The arms will like gang beasts, are "ragdoll" arms and follow animation and clicks are used for grab and punch only.

but i will update this post when hampa answer this accepting or rejecting this idea.

The names can be "Toribash Story Mode" or "Toribash Sandbox Fighting" Can be a online third person fighting game, or single player.

Dont need custom moves, all is animated, but i need to answer this.

In the game folder is aviable the original toribash download and give credits of original toribash to the owner of toribash, i cant remember who is the owner of toribash.

But i need the answer of the owner of the game to make the game and publish.

And after answer of the owner i will update the post, if reject the post will be deleted and the idea for fighting inteligence will stop.

Sorry for my English :/

Here an animated examples of the game:


And need some people to make the project. Then if you have skype join the dev group

You can join as: Programming, texturing, animating and AI

For starting you can help me applying the toribash rig to animfollow in unity and send me the prefab. I will try it too ;).

The game can be have a fighting similar to overgrowth, but much moves that you can discover in the game, the game concept is not think and it will be changed when the game is devloped.

You can test it here:!f8ZGGa4Q!WRU2w_x8zlb88UD9r7h0Rw
Working in version: 0.1.0

If you speak spanish is better! ^^
Here ends the post. Goodbye! (Game and Post in progress )
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Ok im very confused what this is about.

Nabi Studios created Toribash which is Hampas company so yes Hampa is the owner of Toribash
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Can you explain more on this idea? I don't get much but what there already is in game.
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If I could post a bit of my opinion, I don't think a toribash story mode or a Animated Toribash is a good idea because that takes the fun and challenge out of it.
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In other words a "fan game"? Yeah sure, go for it.

Just remember to credit Hampa (or Nabi Studios) for the original game because that's what cool people do.

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Ok i will update the post for more information and preview video of animations. The project is not started.
But why make a toribash without custom moves :o it simply wont be toribash anymore neither a fan game of toribash. You could say tb inspired you but.... these overall genres third person online fighting game is nothing new

Since this thread doesn't look like a suggestion, but more like a game under development, I'll be moving it to a more appropriate board: Third party, which can be found in the Mods forum.

Thank you.
That was really bad sorry.
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