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[REL] Toribash Art Companion
So I've picked up some coding in c# from school and I thought i'd try to make something actually useful since most of the item.dat generators out there aren't working

Source code:

Download the .exe here

Features: Search function for colours, displays ID, RGB and hex of colours. Also generates item.dat files

To use:

Extract the files, place colours.txt into the same location as the .exe file

Launch .exe

Select a colour by manually selecting it from the left box or by searching for it

Click "Add to theme" to add it to your palette

Select the colours from the dropdown menus under the'custom' box

Click 'create item.dat', select the location to save it to

If you want you can save your palette and custom settings and load them later

If you want to add your own colour to the file (for example if a new colour comes out), raise the number at the top of the text file by one and enter the colour and information in the format NAME|ID|HEX(Without the symbol)


Bug reports welcome
I do some videos
Feel free to PM me for any video-related questions
Awesome, glad you were able to get the code open sourced. Looks good!
<~suomynona> TITS OR ELEELETH
Should be able to run it using Mono on Linux, not Wine.