not sure if you could do this is as a request, but how much would flames like flash's cost? also does recolouring it affect the cost?

Would you be able to make me a small black dotted ring around my tori i cant remember how to make it lol and I dont reallly wanna spend the time and learn all the little tricks of the flame forge..

also Ill buy a Black Vortex off of you just let me know when to send the tc so you can forge it

or if you send me the correct options to make it myself ill just give you some tc for your knowledge
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toss me the tc whenever and i can work on your requests not home atm so give it a few hours. have the premade ones in a notepad file somewhere
Circle Flame
I've been looking for something like this. You can tell me the price of it on my Discord (1ol#0199). I'm not on forums much.
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