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[REL]New 3/4 Person Replay Generator
Well, I got tired of everyone bugging me to make a Mac version of my replay generator, so instead, I simply wrote a script to do it. Anyways, enjoy.
Lol told.......but anyways, nice work as always junt, props
Technical Old School. - It exists.
1. he said it was glitchy.......or s something,
2. its because he didnt add anything for the starting positions, because hes probly running an older version, hasnt tested it, or he has Beta >.>

but ya, not efective, just use this till he decides what to do with the thing
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Technical Old School. - It exists.
My bad, fixed it. I'll have to integrate the ENGAGE thing later, so for now, I'm just using the ENGAGE part from Vamp_09's file. Thanks for pointing that out.