Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
so does lorrtex plan on doing anything with this clan at all
[23:23:53] <AndChat|700625> Blue eyes ultimate dragon best card
[23:24:29] <AndChat|700625> You know the one with 3 heads
[23:24:39] <~Lightningkid> just like my dick

[11:35:40] <box> Hampa suck
[11:36:21] <hampa> not the first to tell me that today
Well, you asked.

Also, that sig is amazingly annoying, please do remove it.

Lorrtex, I luv you and all, but we need to do something if you want SyN to survive.

I would've made this post longer but I'm getting spasms of Jewww's sig.

[RAWR]SlipAnc: two girls, one Siku
[RAWR]Siku: I was talking about having dicks in my mouth