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He is pathetic noob!We was duelling for 2k and i was in won 4-0 when he disconnected! I think u should know what members u have in ur clan
Sorry for the thread btw!

plus, i suck cock
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<AlphasoniK> Kristis: What the fuck is wrong with you, rainbow loving panda freak.
Seriously, try to piss standing up for a change. No life girly pants dimwit.

Well hello. I feel I should clarify what really happened. When I asked several times to be specced (he locked server), he simply continued playing. I left and returned several times to prevent the start of the next game because I needed to be specced. He refused to spec me so I told him to shove it.

If this guy had any self-respect, he would PM me and we could discuss it like adults but instead, he talks behind my back. You know, I was lucky to see this thread. Now GTFO!
firstly. if this was true than u should have pm me and IŽll talk to Fresh afterwards.

secondly. we dont use this forum anymore.... we r [Core] now...

3rdly. 2k is nothing... think twice before you make a thread and look up to.... if you look everywhere else it says like last post 2 or 3 weeks ago.... and theres several threads that say we r Core now.

Pm me next time.

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