ey everyone, some of you guys already know me but some do not. I am Hugo, or Taf either is fine and I have been playing Toribash since 2012. Let me start with a little information of who I am. I am a 14 year old boy who is a football player (or soccer player) as well as a good basket ball player . I live in England in Lodon (GTM +0). I regularly use my desktop but I do have my phone which i use to which be more active on forums. I live in a flat, or apartment. I most of the time play Toribash and Xbox when I'm not playing this. I am currently a year nine(9th Grade) and go to a okay school it's not the best. I am active in-game about 3-4 hours a day and 4-5 hours a day on weekends. I don't have a high post count because I recently became forum active but I post on forums daily.

Now lets get into the game part: I play a big variety of mods of I do exceptionally well in Aikido, Aikido Big Dojo, Mushu and Erthtk. I am a person that is open to all mods and I like to have fun overall. I am not a person who plays for TC and seriously... games are made to have fun not to rage over people and over things. You will never see me get mad unless there is an injustice with me or another person. I have been in various well known clans such as (FC) being my first, [e] the second, and finally [eVo].
I was War Commander in all three clans, because I am good when it comes to wars. White belt becuase i started a new account

Why I want to join (Voc) and how can I support it: First thing is first, as I mentioned above I do not play for TC, with that said I am ok to donate most if not all the TC I gain(When i have it). I will be there for most wars you guys do and I will always do my best to bring (Voc) to the top. I have met many members of (Voc) and they are really skilled and friendly. On wars I see seriousness which is something that I like due to some clans do not know how to behave in such situations. I think this is about everything I have to say right now, If you guys want a little more do not hesitate to ask me. If you would like to test me in-game you are more than welcome to do so.

Now for the replay part: I do not make many replays nor I'm really good at it. I try my best but my single player skills are nothing compared to what I could do on multiplayer.

So you made it to the end of the application! The last thing I want to say is thank you for your time in considering my application and I hope I get a spot in this skilled and great clan.
Well for me its Yes, happy bout new app.
Why i accept instantly ? well your app seems nice, you seem nice and i hope, that you didn't lied in app, and about serious in wars? xD you are probably not talking about our chat.
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Standard app...
Name/nick: Niels/Niller
Your favourite mods:Quick Akido
Activity, forum and ingame:Shop/Quick Akido
Why you want to be part of VoC:I have seen you guys fight and i think i could be a great member
Say something about yourself, hobby etc: Football parkour and toribash i am always on the forum and in game i play more than 3 hours a day and i will always be on the clan website

Have in mind, free form app is best app, good luck : )

Clan Thread

Name/Nick: my irl name is tyler and my ingame name is lickerlint u can call me lint or tyler
belt:black belt
ingame activity:10 for sure love playing the game
foruma activitys:im starting to be more forum active so right now im probaly a 6
why i want to join: i want to join beceause i wnat to be in a clan thats more ingame active and is not gonna die out lol.
favorite mods: mushu.tbm and greykido and lenshu
little bit about myself: im 15 and love the game. i was in a clan before this one (Komrade) but me and some others left because the clan is dying so now were moving on. i want to learn or be helped with my sparing skills. also i LOVE pizza :> thats about it. wait i forgot my rank its around 12k or 11k i lost one game and it went from 8k to 30k lol.

canciling my app im now in WAPOW

pm me if you wanna try me out: im in school from 7:45 to 3:05 central time :america:
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Hi VoC
My name is FunGi1736 (irl, Brendan) so I am a 2nd dan black belt, rank 20,000. I am better than my rank because when I lost 1 game, it went from 11,000 to 20,000, but I am a very hard person to DQ, and recently I've been playing offensively. My forum activity is 6, and in-game is 8. Don't underestimate me I'll just include IRL stuff because why not? I play piano and do swimming, and also besides Toribash, I am a Minecraft redstoner (Why did it count the word "Toribash" as misspelled?) So I hope you accept me to this clan! (I need one)