Howdy, m'name's BloodyCups, and this is gonna' be my application for [AS].

[Username]: BloodyCups

[Age]: 18 y/o

[Belt]: 3rd Dan Black Belt

[Timezone]: Eastern Standard Time - UTC -5:00

[Best Mods]: ABD (of course), Greykido, and Aikido.

[Favorite Mods]: Greykido and some mods involving spars.

[Hobbies]: Well, I'm currently in the Modmaker Squad, so I make mods for events. When I'm not doing events, I'll be making fun mods like Gorilla_Twinswords_Fixed.tbm and Stairkido_Fixed_2.tbm. I also make parkour mods and I'm best with environments. I don't do art, sorry. :P

[Reason for joining AS]: I'm not going to bullshit you, I just need a clan to call home. I've been lone-wolf for a long time and I'm fuckin' tired of it. Hopefully, y'all take me in.

Yeah, this application ain't too long, but I'm not too interesting. I'll link the mods I mentioned before, so you can take a look at them. Thanks for consideration and I'll see you sometime soon.

[AS] All Stars

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Failed trials, PM one of the leaders for the reason
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EX-Modmaker Squad 2k18 | Sm4sh Ganondorf/Samus Main | Modshop | Absolute T R A S H
Uncle Carl's Garage Basement Thumb Wrestling Championship: Final Match Edition.
hi again it is me jayok7 or you can call me jay and i have sent 2 apps so far but i dont plan to give up i made afew apps that have my country and gmt but i will add it again anyway i am from England and my GMT is +0 to be honest i dont know what more to add but being as eager as i am to join i will think of it i want to think this through more and show more personality with around the same amount of effort as the last time i tried but in this case i did not make a script and i am making it as i go using memories of experiences now one thing i want to say about myself is i dont just go to random clans and join i would meet its people first and see if i like the people and their personalities and as you can tell i like the people i met fluxurious and i find him to be quite a nice dude and mikes also encouraged me and made me want to join the clan even more infact even the people that attempt to join the clan are really nice such as maki which i met when i joined the discord which gave me a great impression

my in-game story
i started in 2017 and i met a person who was god belt around the time i joined he was really good and i looked up to him which resulted in me deciding to aspire to him atleast until i can get as good as him even though i dont remember the username i still tried i started off in aikido for a long time but soon i wanted to explore toribash more as a whole i soon started twinswords which even though i dont do it much now i enjoyed it and met nice people on it i soon went to boxing which at first i could not stay after one punch but i soon practiced it until i learned to keep my balance i dislike giving up knowing myself with this i met nice people and i realised i wanted to meet more nice people because of this and not only playing the game (now i dont only have intentions to play the game for the game but to make friends and be with them) i went back to aikido for a while until i explored more until i found my newest passion that has lasted even up until today which is sparring at first i was really bad and could barely keep my balance until i practiced and practiced and practiced and i soon knew what i had to do i expanded my knowledge on control in toribash i soon knew what to do in most situations i knew when to fight relaxed and i knew how to step and even use my custom run when i do xspar i also realised i prefer doing MAS i soon met Binklawz and Mocucha now you can guess who i aspired to later on i found them to be nice people and i am glad i met them which i can thank parkour and sparring for mocucha gave tips and watching binklawz made it so i can be more agressive in spars if it was not for meeting them i would not be as good as i am now now i would make my own spar rooms waiting to meet people and make sparring replays i could be truly proud of ;) since the time i joined i have been active and i still am today

in this case im not gonna do what i did last time and only name them im going to tell you why i love these specific mods this shows more of my personality so i will start of with th mod i like the most cb_martial_arts_ringv5 cb_martial_arts_spar_cagev5 now as i mentioned i have a passion for sparring at first i only thought about it since i had to run less but now i think about it for how much more convenient using martial arts is with in the area and i think it really looks cool and could improve the quality of my spars the space you have is perfect for spars in my opinion even though i dont have enough space to do corks in the spars but im still learning how to cork anyway so it does not matter that much to me i also like the logo it has at the bottom and i also have a thing i can land on incase i lose my balance sometimes even though this is not always the case with the ring you get the point
another mod that i like is realtoriboxingmw2 i like this mod alot since it taught me alot and really developed a large amount not only as a toribash player but also as a person who does spars if it was not for this i would not of explored to the point of sparring which soon became my passion in toribash when i did this mod i was only able to do one punch and then i would fall down but soon enough i got tips which really helped me during spars i soon was able to keep my balance after one punch infact i soon learned how to keep my balance through out the whole match after my 4th time playing soon enough i was able to develop my own stance for boxnig which for a while i used in spars but in time i developed a stance for sparring specifically the ones i named on the last one i also like the gravity since it is good for form
aikido and aikidobigdojo now you know i can not miss out any of these ones since each of these developed me the most when it came to toribash it also gives a good impression for people who play for their first time whether it is watching some people do it or them doing it themselves they also have their own aspects for the person who is playing if you like quick matches go to aikido but if you like more intense matches that are longer, and involve alot of grapple warfare aswell as harder matches then aikidobigdojo is the perfect thing for you i personally prefer ABD while also giving aikido alot of visits this is a really great mod to me and i would assume the same for alot of people
one of the other mods i like includes ma_spar_v3 at first i did not like how the toris looked like but i soon met binklawz(which i was sparring) he was very amazing to watch in the replay he looked really cool to watch while i was backing up the way he fought using the toris made me soon see how great the toris were and now when i look at them i would appreciate why they are like that and how cool they actually look
i also like Bluplace_of_the_way and Jisse_sparring_ally xspar and litreally any mod that jisse makes i just think that they look really cool and increase the quality of the replays that they are in i dont really spar in these but i do really like them there is not much to say about them so im going to just move on

my hobbies include animating which as i mentioned in both of my last apps that i use pivot animator to make them i have animated for 3 years and im getting closer to 4 years i have not animated in quite a while since now im on toribash all the time but i still love animating in this i made my own characters with their own powers and i made a whole story which i have yet to tell anyone ;) i am still practising and easing more animations i have met afew other people who play toribash who shares the passion for animating the people i look up to when it comes to animating is people like lg59(DON), gliscorul12, shuriken255, hyun and pivotpro333 the list goes on for a lot longer but i dont want to drag this subject on for too long
i also like art im not that good at it but it is still a hobby of mine in toribash im creating a texture pack and i personally and liking how it looks and im really proud of it i dont have that much to say about this so im going to move on
of course one of my hobbies is gaming but seeing how active i am you probably guessed that i enjoy playing games im not sure if it is worth explaining why but i will do it anyway i just enjoy the variety of different games and how different each game is for example this game is really different to call of duty it is also awesome to me the fact that they can sometimes only consist of doing one thing and it will remain entertaining because even those are very diffrent to the things at the start some other games i play is elsword, call of duty i will play fornite soon, brawlhalla, toribash
and i enjoy socializing

why i chose all stars
i enjoy being a part of active clans and having more nice people to talk to i like being around people with great attitudes i want a clan that i can consider to be like friends and family and that give me a larger reason to play a game there is not much to say since i listed most of it in my other applications but i am really eager due to meeting the clan's community and you can tell by the effort i put in this (even with my computer crashing midway) infact you will find i made the colours on the application actually are in that order to match the colour scheme of the old all star logo

well thanks for reading and i hope you have a nice day
and not to forget[AS]allstars!!!!! ;))))))))

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Failed trials, PM one of the leaders for the reason
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Name: Kasai
IRL Name: Zachary
GMT +1 Germany

Applying for:
All Stars


*Am able to contribute to discussions constructively
*Able to help people with problems
*I have met [AS] members (one of my friends in currently trial MadDoctor9). I'm sure that the current all star members know me


German (first language although I mostly speak English to practice)
Japanese (basic hiragana and katakana)

Toribash Experience:

*Helping people in-game with problem solving
*Frequenting FAQ threads and helping out beginners
*Played boxshu a lot for some reason

Non-Toribash related Experience:

*Coding help with a few friends (C# and LUA mostly)
*Leader of a few groups/projects (trying to make custom updates/ firmwares and menus coded in C#)

Other Minor Things:

*Aspiring artist
*Amateur Poet
*Successful unofficial business owner (selling art/videogames)
*Minor toribash boxshu teacher
*Well known and liked person

This seems a bit mechanical but it looks pretty neat.
To put it in paragraph form I'm a 17 year old german boi from Germany, I play too much toribash and would like to find a clan that enjoys playing this game as much as I do.
Other clans ive been in include:
(Tron): Discord manager, war leader, Leader, recruiter and donator
(KawaiiPK): member
(ud): was a member there

Guess we'll see how this goes down with the council

PS. Sorry for my English, its not my first language to please forgive any spelling mistakes

Council Moderated Message:
Accepted, Welcome to AllStars!
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Spidersyko's Application
My time zone is CST (Central Standard Time)
I live in the United States of America (Regrettably)

lol-omg-wtg-dairyqueen-lol-omg-bbtheq lol-omg-wtg-dairyqueen-lol-omg-bbtheq

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Red red red red red red red snappah. Red red red red red red. THERE IS NO RED SNAPPAH!
(red snappah continues in Background)
Terror in stormwind, terror in stormwind terror in stormwind. YO MAMA IS A GRAIN OF SAND!

Hark hear the wails (Noob)
Sad, silver wails. (pwnt)
In Lordaeron. (FTW)
But They are gone. (OMG)
Ding-dong Ding-ding-dong.

Well, If you want your gratting blit to
Chak you wolshing flak (You guys are great)
But you want to see his wolsh
Bloit you in the back (no you're great!)
You must treat him kindly and of this we must agree!(No you guys are great!)
Lest that wolshing, gratting blit go bloit you in the back! (No you're Great!)
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.
All my life I've pawn those noobs and been happy all lone.
But then I saw your massive hooves and knew that you were the one
and I'm asking you, with your tail so wide,
my darling, sweet and dear Lacy, If you would be my lovely bride
and forever pwn those noobs with me…me…me-me-me-me
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Turkey! Turkey! Turkey for everyone!
Turkey! Turkey! These carunkles are very tasty!
Jag talar liten Svenska
men min Svenska ar inte bra
inte br–turkey!-, inte br–turkey!-
Apply directly to a hippie!

I'm uber uber leet!(Roflmao)
So uber uber leet.(Roxors Boxors)
What a wonderful feeling I'm pwning again.

For there ain't no creature in the land or sea quite as dear to me, As The Great Kodo.

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Barn-Barn-Barn-Barn- Kill allt he beggars in Ogrimmar.
Come now, my pet, kill all the beggars in Ogrimmar.
Barn-Barn-barn-barn. Ninja Gnomes unite!
Hup hup hup hup hup hup hup hup.
Stay away from those crooked elves they look like women and they smell like hell.
So if you would take my sound advice. Keep a distance of a least ten feet.

lol-omg-wtg-dairyqueen-lol-omg-bbtheq lol-omg-wtg-dairyqueen-lol-omg-bbtheq
lol-omg-wtg-dairyqueen-lol-omg-bbtheq lol-omg-wtg-dairyqueen-lol-omg-bbtheq
Song! A song, a-singin-a song
just a song, song, sing-a song singin-all-day-LONG!

[AS] All Stars

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Insta Denied
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My App "Why I want to join [AS]"

[CENTER]I want to join the clan [AS] because 1 you guys r really cool and 2 I want a clan that will stay active. I have been looking for a clan ever since I ended my attempt at leading (tron)... and I found you! I know I have already applied and have been rejected but I am re applying because I want you guys to be my toribash fam��. I also would like to join [AS] because i feel that you are a safe haven for me(i have spent time in your disc when ive been mad) and a non-toxic environment

What can i bring to you

I can bring you guys even more optimism even though you guys are a very optimistic clan already. I can make sum decent vids even tho i havent really taken the time to edit a vid completely i can make a very good quality vid tho, i can mkae a sample if you would like but i would need sum quality replays. i am a immature, selfish incompetent little brat am mature most of the time but im in a rough spot rn so im kinda messed up in the head but i shld be normal in a few days so you can look forward to seeing a mature little kid. i also do photo editing and am looking into coding and digital art

Who am I?

I am JHunter03 in toribash and Collin irl(alot of my friends call me DJ Collin so u can just call me that). I am a 13 year old 8th grader in middle school and I play soccer and tennis for a school sport. My GMT is -4
In my free time I hunt do homework and sit outside. I also make videos and edit them but I don't have the right equipment needed to make a good quality video. I am not active alot in-game but active in discord and in forums, my discord is DjCollin#7983. I have a 2nd Dan black belt. Past clans were (Huntsmen) which was my clan that failed miserably, (Tron) which was a clan of mine and success but I left for some dum reason (T7) which is now (Trance) and is inactive I think, (Satire) which is inactive, and my first clan (Blitz) which was make by the notorious clan hopper dillon4545.

Other Stuff to read

Here's sum other stuff about me. I am a photographer and I'm hoping to start posting some of my pictures on some sort of social media. I am a YouTuber, if you want to know my channel just ask(I'm taking any video requests for games that don't cost money). I am a teacher in toribash so if you want to you can check me out at the begginers sanctuary thing to verify if u want.

Council Moderated Message:
Canceled Application.
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<(Raven)g3tab0ut> seems like you have nothing nowhere near fate, Jhunter
Hello my name is MysticEsco/Julio i am a 16 year old male and i live in St. Louis Missouri (CTZ) i like drawing, i play the guitar, and i enjoy gaming. For Toribash this is my main acc and my alt is Slvmp. I enjoy playing Boxshu, AKD, Judo, and im down to learn new mods. I am a black belt and have been playing since 2014 but i forgot my old acc info. I think i would be a good addition to AS because i am a good fighter, i respect everyone, and im always active. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Now accept me my guy.

Council Moderated Message:
Insta Denied
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My Application
Hello Members of [AS] All Stars

My name is Jinx. I am 18 and my GMT is +1. I have been playing Toribash for around 2 or 3 years and it is a game that I enjoy playing, I am hyped about the upcoming Toribash Next cause this could mean a whole new community that will follow after us, no offence Trestet but I think we getting alil old.

I am very athletic and have achievements for it, such as top athlete in my school, broke the long distance record held by some guy in 19 something, wont even attempt to remember cause I would slaughter the name is it is an african name. As much as I love sports, home is where the heart is and my heart is in gaming and design. I play counterstrike and dota 2, along with that I look into getting to thee proffesional scene as soon as my new pc comes in.

My Toribash career ( I say it as a career so I feel better about myself, just leaf me alone .(bracket within a bracket :o) There just had to be a pun somewhere) has been a fun one as I have met many amazing, and toxic people, like really toxic, you can see the toxicity oozing out of them and I can say they can just go ki- Deep breathes. I have been in a few clans and I left due to inactivity. I love clan wars aswell as dueling, I dont take a loss as a loss but instead a lesson on what I should work on.

The reason I would like to join [AS] All Stars is because you guys seem to be a friendly family which may consist of inscest but hey, I am into that I guess... And I was invited by my brother in law, Vanish (YES, I am - not serious but he did invite me) and Trestet

My main mods would be ABD and I also do sparring, cause in sparring you just slap eachothers asses a few times, do a cool looking kick with some air time and bam, it looks cool and we both got to touch some ass, id say its a win win.

I also have experience in hosting , not in Toribash but in real life such as local Lan events and was a youth leader so I helped prepare events.

Thank you for your time [AS] All Star Members

Kind Regards

Jinx <3

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Graphic Artist - Request Art
Hey,you!Do not leave this page before reading...


My name is Luis, I live in Brazil, GMT-3, in the state of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis (Floripa) Nationally recognized, this not my first application to be a member [AS] is my 3rd time, I was refused 2 times, I I know the Trestet and the Mafia by the discord, by the way enter the discord of [AS] <3 ~
I have a great dream of being a member of this clan, but I am not accepted, I hope that this time you accept me = D

[What I do and I want to be] I'm a cartoonist (I make animations) like animes, but I do not have as much experience as animes, but I know how to draw well, I'm also Robot Programmer (Look at one of my projects = [printscreen] = )


[MODS]= I'm good at the following MODS = ABD,boxshu_mushu_v3,mushu,lenshu3ng =)

My reason I would like to join [AS] because I always wanted to be a member of this clan, which I greatly admire, every member of AllStars...
I hope a clan will give me a bigger reason to play because of the great community of this clan, I hope to make new friendships and new gains of experiences and things that I do not know within Toribash

I want to enlist for this clan, to always remain in it

So this was my "Enlistment" or "Application" For the AllStars clan, I always want to be a member of that clan!

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PM one of the Leaders for a reason.
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Quando você menos esperar , eu vou te matar <3
Hey there I'm Hydra I am a black belt in tb, I would have been a 3rd Dan but I made alts a lot. This is my main. I am an expert in the mods of - Aikido; Aikdido Big Dojo; Spar; Ninjutsu; and Parkour. I used to be experienced with Mushu; Wushu; Boxshu; and Judo, I stopped playing those mainly because I like mods that have almost similar gravity to xspar. I am loyal and I play toribash a lot. I did state the mods I was an expert in already so I just wanted to say I am most experienced with Parkour, I became great at toribash mainly from parkour and my first pro move I learned was custom run, because of my experience with Parkour It tought me exactly how to move my tori in mods like aikido so I am able to make great comebacks. my I have been on toribash since 2016 and have sparred with some pro players, mainly Swexx I have also played with some of your clan members. Hopefully I explained enough to get accepted if not, I understand

P.S. I have Discord; Skype; and Kik

[AS]All Stars

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PM one of the Leaders for a reason.
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A little bit about myself
I'm Jelaun I'm 13 and live in Jamaica. i'm a passionate person when it comes competitive play. i been playing toribash since early 2017 been playing toribash on and off i have just come back from a well needed month break and i'm back to grinding toribash,but at the moment the overall improvements to the game seem pretty sick. Out of game i like to be active with Football.

It all started when the simple citizen Jelaun found out that he could fight. He learned that you could fight your way to fame. Jelaun quickly learned that he would have to work hard if he was to make his mark in the Community of Toribash though, He got crushed time and time again. He fought Black Belts and they ridiculed him. He thought he would never rise. He got beat down until he could get no lower. Then he started to study the ways of fighting. He trained and trained. He finally reached the rank of Brown Belt. He joined a new clan that took him in. He became friends with the people of that clan and became a 2nd Dan . Unfortunately the clan fell apart. He left the clan with sadness in his heart. After some time he joined the clan OPS . He stayed there for some time, but he didn't feel that it was the right clan for him. So Jelaun created a clan of his own with the help of Robbie that lasted for a short time.Robbie felt that he fit in better elsewhere and so Jelaun said goodbye.Jelaun decided to see where the road was destined to lead to and i guess here he is.

What i would like to Achieve before i stop playing video games.

Would like to maintain a relevant status in the toribash community.
Age: 13
GMT: -5 jamaica
im starting to become more active and forums i like browsing so im pretty active on that
Thank you for reading.

past clans: OPS,Volt,FN,Lucidcla,Tron,Venom,Badc

I hope you can take my application into consideration

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PM one of the Leaders for a Reason.
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