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Offical Mods

This is the home of the Offical Mod Players. Official Mods is all about smacking your opponent until he whimpers and cries. you can come here to learn anything from how to properly Aikido to Pro twinswords methods. Want To know how to counter those pesky shovelers? you've come to the right place my good friend. Periodically lessons, tutorials, and content will be posted here for you guys, So want to request a lesson? leave it here!

You can also post teacher/lesson requests in this thread.

The format is as follows:

Subject: {Ex. Aikido/AikidoBigDojo, Judo, Wushu/Mushu/Boxshu, Twinswords, Teakkyon, Lenshu, other.}

Question/Request: {This just gives us a starting point, describe your problems or questions as best you can}

A replay attachment is encouraged as a visual reference.

After you've submitted your Request a Teacher will follow up with you.
Be sure to check the times to see the best times for our teachers.
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Here is a complete knowledge base thanks to [TA]. Some of the best and most effective Aikido Techniques can be found in this guide.

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Gang's Lenshu Tutorial
A great first Tutorial by Gang. This can help anyone get started with the basics of Lenshu like launches and angles

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not very good at video editing, but for whoever it may help, here is a lenshu tutorial I made!
Feel free to add some effects and what not and pm me your edits.