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Teach me how to lift in abd c:
I needz to liftz pepols in abd but i cantz.
Gib me tips to lift people in abd. I always get 420 360 suplexed everytime
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Only take one step only. Another step gives them enough momentum to throw you out if they get to the ground. If they're about to suplex u just try to grab glitch or abuse grabs in any way. if that dosent work, get fat.
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what u wanna do
is u wanna

tyvm seejay slack
Agus and Foobi, two biggest losers of Toribash
fool them by saying youre gonna play fair, then shovel them and you win
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A good lifting opener is this.

extend both ankles
contract both knees
contract both hips
contract both elbows
contract both pecs
contract both wrists
left turn lumbar(possibly right turn)
right turn chest(possibly left turn)
extend neck
grab both hands
contract abs
I forgot what the bumcheecks are called thats how long i haven't played for but extend one of them and contract the other one

take it from there , experiment
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Hey there, there's a special thread where you can ask for help if you need a teacher, you can find it here:
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