Boyakhasa first we don't have a Quicksilver Relax and second thanks for reading the Post about the Rules :P Also Tree you don't need those grips XD You have a ton of TC you can buy hundreds of grips :P At least donate something XD Don't take Items from Beginners without giving a little back at least. You wouldn't steal a handbag, you wouldn't steal a car, requesting stuff you don't need is stealing. :3 Whoever got that reference is cool :3
"Beginner Gieaway"

I would like the Beginner Pack and Chronos Grips please.
-_________________________________________- First of all you haven't even donated anything to beginners and you don't need the grips so don't be greedy your not a beginner dude. And the Pack is a (S) Item read the rules.
Your not a noob I swear if you guys who don't need it keep requesting I'll make a QI limit >:| Be considerate for those who actually need it and don't be dicks. Ok guys does this look like he needs 500TC?
So Nite, Eki, Tree you have something to say? And tobreak I'm waiting on the 5k ;)
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Why were you gone so long and come back just now? Since when do Yellows view the Forum and Social Groups? Who's alt are you -_- I ain't dumb bruh.
Haha nice try you are not a real beginner you are just a professional here who made another account. How can you prove your a real beginner? And I demand an immediate apology because you calling me a scammer is very hurtful after I'm doing such a nice thing Look at everyone else here I gave >:C I gave away TC to many others that people donated so don't you ever call me a scammer >:[ ] That really pisses me off. And your grammar is too broken which is fishy not to mention you calling me a scammer to persuade me. Normally I would believe you but some professionals kept requesting here recently even if they don't really need it and this TC and Items is meant for beginners who need them >:|