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Rapid Threads - Board Rules
Rapid Threads - Board Rules
There is often confusion regarding what this board is for, what to post and what not to post here. Please read the rules below to in order to keep this board organized and have your query answered efficiently and promptly. This board is for all topics - Toribash related and unrelated; used for asking and answering quick questions that may flash your mind. (e.g. "Who's a good texture maker around these days?" or "Do people still spar in this game?")
  • When making a thread, the title should reflect upon the question you want answered. No more 'help', 'i have a question', or '?' titled threads.
  • Useless posting along with posts that do not contribute to the topic / question being discussed are subject to deletion and warning.

Google your question prior to posting in this board!
There's a good chance whatever you're thinking has already been answered somewhere, by someone - use google, saves everyone some time and avoids repetitive queries. Alternatively, you can use the search tool on the forums to check if someone has already asked your question previously and if they've received an answer.

Alternative Boards
However, posting your questions in a more appropriate board would get you answerers quicker and tailored to your problem / query. A short explanation has been provided below for those specific boards. If a thread is clearly unsuited for rapid threads, due to being long without a clear answer and requiring a clear answer, we will move it to a more appropriate board.
  • Beginner's Sanctuary: This board is catered for beginner related questions originating from being new or lacking experience. This is here to solve problems you might be experiencing in game play, or any general questions you have regarding Toribash or the forums. (e.g. "How to get an image in my signature?" belong in Beginner's Sanctuary not Rapid Threads.)
  • Technical Support: This board is for directly game related problems, usually bug reporting and solution seeking. Do not confuse this board with Beginner's Sanctuary.

Useful links
  • FAQ Board
    Most of the questions and problems are covered by this board.
  • Ban list
    Look for the "community" option. Click it and then the ban list form the drop down list.
  • Dead clans
    Including this here because dead clans is not directly accessible without the link.
  • Tutorial Index
    Use tutorial index if you are searching for a tutorial or if you have a question. If you still can't find the tutorial you are looking for, ask in rapid threads.
  • Getting Started Guide
    If you are new here, please have a look at the guide before posting a question because most of the general questions are answered in that guide. E.g., order of belts and forum ranking systems etc.
  • Old UniBash
    For the sake of history. UniBash was a place for new members to learn more skills in the game, and they also had a few achievements only achieved by completing certain tests through them.
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