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So i was chatting with rcrichman on steam and i had the greatest idea ever, toribash should do daily payouts to reward people for getting online daily or once every so often, it has the possibility to boost activity for the poor as well as keep the game alive, also i thought that different belts got a different amount of tc each day they log in, like black belt - 4th dan gets 20tc every day they log on in game, 5th dan gets 75tc per day they log in, 6th gets 100, and keep going up 25tc per belt per day till you get to 9th dan, then 10th dan gets 300tc every day they log in, masters can get 500-600 daily when logging in, customs can get 1-2k per day, gods can get like 5-10k, the one could get like 20-50k, and elite could get like 100k or some shit. The point is, it would reward people for playing daily and boost the toribash economy

I thought i would share this idea and i hope it is considered and implemented in some way shape or form.

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How about maybe if you get something nice you can sell if and trade it? Would just be nice to make some TC out of it and all. Teheheh. I guess that a wheel would be the best because it is more fun for one, and makes more sense. Sense we don't want tori inflation. Next thing you know TB has taxes. XD
Like Lite said:
"Maybe something like, 100 + X% where X is the amount of consecutive days you are playing with a limit of 100 and you only get it once you win Y ranked matches"

This could also work, and maybe after a certain amount of logins and ranked matches, you get some sort of a spin of a wheel (since we cant get off the topic) There is only one highly valuable thing on the wheel, but it is like a 0.001 percent chance to get. There could also be a entry fee for the thing, like maybe 100 tc for a bad spin roll, 1k for an ok roll, 10k for a pretty good roll, and 100k for a great roll. Maybe this could be a new aspect of like a gamble for the toribash community.
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You get a 1 thousandth chance to 1000 percent increase your TC. So that would be perfect trade, economically. So no issues with inflation, plus you lose TC if it fails. Althoufht maybe you could make it 1 hundredth chance to 100 percent increase, would be less, brutal, more people would want to try it. Of course maybe if you don't get the 1000 percent increase you could always get something. Anyways, you can get to do it once a month and have to send TC to Admin or something to spin it maybe.
how much people play toribash these days anyways.. so why to worry about economy
even with the quests, i highly doubt even 2k tcs will be spawned for the players
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The amount of people that play now is not much less than it used to be. It's only dropped maybe 50 percent, but I mean it's an old game. There are enough players that play. Worrying about the economy is a big deal, because would you want to ruin a game that many people still love? That's just something to think about, but the amount of people that play now is a good amount. A game like this 3-5 years in would be it's most prime time. Games are given a 10 year lifespan so it may be at it's end of it's life cycle, but it's still an active game. Worrying about the economy is a necessity. Also, websites are given a 20 year life span about. ^_^
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Yeah, like in Brawlhalla where your get daily quests. Also, you can fix the apt problem by making it so an IP can only get a reward once a day, or a month. Where you could spin a wheel after one month.

Was suggested earlier; something like that may eventually be implemented (not the wheel, quests). Something something untradeable items.

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Not sure rewarding with TC is a good idea. There are plans to add challenges in the future but rewards are most likely going to be untradeable items.

As far as having some odd chance of gaining TC/a daily login bonus, it likely won't happen because of the amount of TC it would generate if we set it to amounts that were actually worth something. Untradeable items might be neat, but like it was said above, sir hinted at something similar to challenges for untradeable items.

It's not necessarily a daily login bonus or some kind of mystery wheel, but it's something that promotes activity in return for incentives.
Dear, toribash
You guys should make it so we get daily tc. Each time you log on, in 24 hours you can earn tc. This will give new players a chance to earn enough tc to eventually buy items o the market.This will also be better to see less account trading because it will be way easier to get the items you need. I hope somebody responds Bye!
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You can get TC every day by playing the game, don't see the need for this?
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Account trading isn't a huge problem currently, the potential for abuse of daily TC thing is going to be one though. All the games with daily reward thing that I know have closed economy with transactions between players being a nonexistent thing, and there's a good reason for it.