looks good, an ssd would be a good investment for you though. i have a small 120gb one for windows and program files, and i have a 500gb one for games and other stuff
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nah dude, you can get a good 128 for like 16 dollars
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Definitely get an SSD, new Kingston A400 are fine SSD's and extremely cheap at just 30$ for a 120gig SSD and 50$ for a 240gig.

Upgrade kit looks good, 1700x is a bit of a weird pick for US buyers though since you can either get a higher-clocked 1800x for the same price or get the slightly lower clocked 1700 for significantly cheaper that also comes with a stock cooler if you ever need it. Also if you'll only be gaming/doing light productive work an R5 2600 might be a better bet seeing as that is only like 160$ and will have almost the exact same gaming performance if not better because it's from Ryzen 2 which has slightly better IPC and stuff.

Ryzen benefits from higher clocked ram so if you can find the room to fit a corsair vengeance lpx kit or a g-skill ripjaws v at 3000mhz that could be useful.

Don't go for crossfire, barely any games support it and even if they do it normally only gives about a 40% performance benefit so uh... not worth it. If you want to upgrade probably grab one of the new RTX 2000 series cards when they come out.

Big ole sidenote: Hyper 212 evo doesn't fit the AM4 socket without a special bracket so probably get that from somewhere if you wanna use it.
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