Hi cool replay

there are a lot of sections where you do not move the tori at all and just allow the movement to play out until you arrive in another position to move from which can look jarring so I suggest filling out those areas with more subtle movements so it doesn't look so robotic; it's particularly visible in the opener and after uke is actually in the air.

the actual manip in its beginning is super clean but becomes messy pretty fast due to a lack of refinement though I will admit ghosting the foot through the arm to push it is actually pretty cool, even if the arm flick could have been considerably more powerful

his foot slams against your shoulder and slows him down and this looks less like an intentional part of the manip and more like you couldn't get out of the way but you recover from it nicely

the way you contract your knee around his arm is completely mistimed and I think it looks sorta ugly, but the dms are cool if underoptimized and uke grab is sorta cheating but not really since I think it's kinda cool

The inclusion of disqualification is a weird one because I don't think it particularly changes anything about the replay since you already did such safe movement it's only noticed after the fact as presumably a quick way of ending the replay, not necessarily a pro or a con just an observation. but the way you spin at the end is pretty stylish

I think it is worth adding though that the hook you go for is actually from a difficult angle and is worthy of some praise even if it is slightly wasteful
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DAmn that's one of the smoothest replays I've seen. Good destruction and the mid-air pose was super cool too. Awesome stuff broooo
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thank you all for the kind comments. this is the first manip ive done since like, 2016 or 2015 i think? i kinda rushed the last bits though just cause i wanted to finish this replay : sorry: either way was fun making an ukebash since i dont really do that much anymore

the new gen bananas

this shit crazy
spar with haku my beloved friend :s leepy::supri sed::supri sed:
also thanks for the kind comments
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haku is washed
part of the uri-nation rateyourmusic
you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
fixed an old replay cause i hated the way it ended. still do but slightly less :sorry : : sorry:
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the replay is goated�� (i can't name nary a lick of these tricks)
seems like someone's been listening to Belis lately >.<
<Kurokaen>He's so damn friendly except for when he thrusts his foot into your face.