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Second Activity Check & Pending Removal.
Hi there Revenge, unfortunately you've failed your second activity check. This means that we're looking into making this clan officially dead - this is a courtesy message that we're giving you in case you'd like to discuss re-applying or starting afresh.

We will review your case once again to make sure we're totally justified in removing the clan before we do it, so there may be a change of heart.

For now, good luck in the next steps you decide to take.
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I suppose I simply do not have the time anymore to lead a clan.

I would like to personally thank all my members of Revenge. Thank you all for the great times we had together and all the games we played. It has definitely been my favorite part of playing this game.

I remember how often we used to battle to defend our #1 position on the clan wars board - I'm sure that has changed by now. I remember how we all played so actively you would just run into eachother in-game, when that wasn't even the reason we were playing. I remember all the casual playing we did in the servers we hosted. Usually betting servers. Phillip, Josh, remember how much money we made in those? Remember how we used to send out those wacky global messages to attract more people? Man, we were making more money than an overly dramatic Hollywood movie. I'm pretty sure I can barely afford orc items now. :P

I am glad we got to be an official clan for as long as we did. In my eyes, we had a really good run as an official clan. We were definitely one of the most popular clans around for quite some time. Even if we weren't the best, all of our members contributed something unique to the clan. I had a great time leading this clan with the help of Phillip and Josh. Thank you guys for being really fun, down-to-earth guys just like all our other members. I think it is very unfortunate it all has to come to an end now, but it is what it is.

Everyone rocking that [rvng] tag while it lasts, thank you.
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