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An Optional Vote kick
Everybody knows that when you start toribash Chances are, online youre going to face people who will annoy the Crap out of you, Or just troll in general.

A solution to that might be A Vote kick.

A vote kick is almost self explanatory, You could Bring up
a poll and somebody would type 1 or 2 For a kick. 1 being
yes and 2 being no. It would really solve the problem in
servers like Boxing or Judo where there isnt an opped person
and You can do is just sit back and watch them Troll or you
have to leave.

A Vote Ban might work the same way. Or it could be automatic
On the 3rd kick maybe. It would make the game alot more fun
To keep a fair Democracy upon the players.

Boy this was a long post. Dont lose interest.
Well, For example, although this wouldn't happen, There were 9 people in Judo tourney last night from Zone. If we wanted to kick people, we could do by choice, in which is completely unfair. We could just jump from tourney to tourney kicking random people. Another problem is multiclienting, someone could have multiple accounts in a server and vote multiple times.
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I was thinking something like More then 75% of the players who vote to kick the player gets kicked, but if someone is That committed to kicking someone...
well, this probably won't be allowed in tourneys, and ppl might just start kicking you if you have too good streaks and stuff

but if the problems are solved, this would be great
The idea itself isn't bad, but what if you are winning a torney and everyone else decides to kick. In my opinion a way to improve it would be to keep your idea and when you choose to kick someone you especify your reasons and then maybe the mods check if it was legit.
I don't really like this because people can be some real jerks and agree on kicking a player who is better or richer or just do it to wind him up.
this would be a nice feature to add. instead of calling for a gm to come and persuade a jerk to leave the room, wouldnt it be easier to votekick that player out? i mean, this would save time. it doesnt HAVE to be allowed in tourneys lol, basic common sense. if things get out of hand, then a gm is needed.
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What if say some people are in a room.

And this person starts streaking and beating everyone.

If this vote kick is used on the person, would it be fair for him/her.

Think of the negative side of things people.
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Its almost a good thing If they do kick the streaking guy. is it fair to some whitebelts if a Blackbelt comes in and starts a 20 streak on them? You have to think on the other end my friend.