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The problem with spammers
Getting a spambot across the tb forums is so easy, since you only have to play one game. Higher qi has been suggested, but that's just bullshit. I'd like to stay at 666 qi. Anyways, how bout you have to have an account for 2 weeks to post? This would at least delay them. But it's better.
What if they need help/advice with something before then? It'd just alienate players, whereas the 1qi requirement kills off 99% of all generic shitpostbots (which is what it was intended to do)

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Dear user with heightened awareness, we have had exactly 0 spambots post since the qi restriction was introduced because spambots don't play toribash. Of course this excludes the two boards which do not have the qi restriction, but they rarely get spambots anyway. It also seems that it's not a coincidence that the qi limit you are suggesting is exactly the amount of qi that you have. Lastly the delay is already much longer than 2 weeks.

I wouldn't be surprised if you've mistaken regular users for spambots. As unfortunate as that is, it is a distinction we have to make.
Bad Idea... If you stop them from posting for two weeks they will be building up questions ready to fire, causing more spam. Also, Fish is right, it's not mainly ye newbies who post spam, it is mostly players who know the forum fairly well so this feature wouldn't anything besides stopping new players for askin for help