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Hi, so, I've been getting pretty pissed off because you Game Moderators keep taking down the mods "that nobody plays". I'm calling bull sh*t on this.
#1. Recently you took down the lenshu3ng server, I'm in that server every day and every day there are people in there playing, oddly enough no GM's are ever in there though.
#2. A while back you took down the ninjutsu servers (public and tournament) even though every time I was on there were people in there (including me), oddly enough no GM's were hardly ever in there.
#3. My conclusion is that the GM's get rid of any servers they don't play on.

So pretty much I just want the servers back ;-; my old clan (JL) was based on ninjutsu and when you guys took down the servers for ninjutsu you guys pretty much destroyed are clan. Now you guys are taking down lenshu3ng my favorite mod ;-; so pls put them back up I would really appreciate it.

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