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Ranking system
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Will we ever have the last ranking system again? In my opinion, this new one is so bad, I mean, no1 plays on the ranked servers, what do you think about it? Do you like the new ranking system or do you prefer the old one?

Plz return the old ranking system
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I think that the system is useless, all the brown belts couldn't care less about the rewards, their all for the top players, and i'm from Australia so when i'm on not many other people are meaning nobody is in the ranking matches.

also i don't think many pro's would do it because they could be farming 500 Tc tourneys.

also the 5000 Tc tourney is a crap income because I've never seen it in a year of playing being over five.

So the chances of you getting to the high spots for a low belt of low because of the facts professionals are the kings of it and its also low for the professionals because of time zones and people actually being in the lobbies to fight.

overall, this system needs a rework, the lover belts should be able to get rewards like the professionals but less of a reward, like brown belts play brown etc.

but for that to work you have to make ranking itself more interesting.

It should be you win 1 or so points for playing in your league (semi pro) etc, but playing against higher belts or in tournaments wins you more.

Overall the new system is cool but it needs some serious mending to make it better.