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Account Words Filter
Basiclly this would be more of a Suggestion for Staff members instead of Toribash Users but taking a look in the Ban List make one throw up to see so many people getting banned for having n*gger in their Name or [That Staff Member]Sucks.

A simple system that will noticed these words and wont allow you to register with these names would be ideal. As far as i know they are really simple to programm aswell, its just a whitelist with the variables beeing all those bad words and an IF sentence: if ,,[WhitelistWords]" in Username then ,,error message appears"
Great idea but there could be some issues with that. People will just start using numbers to fill in the gaps like "N1g" or "G4y" and it won't solve the problem. Another issue that could arise would be legitimate names could be detected as "inappropriate" depending on what the script outlines.
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As far as i know you can just whitelist words meaning you could pack G4y or N1g into the Whitelist aswell... or blacklist? you know what im trying to say <.<

and when the system detects the name as inappropriate then it is because it has to be one of the blacklisted names.
As I was saying, blocking things like "G4y" and "N1g" would cause ordinary non racist/offensive names to be listed as offensive. For example: In the case of "N1g" lets say someone wanted the name "Nigel" and spelt it "N1gel", that would be blocked as the system would detect it as offensive.
Regardless, by admins banning people with the current system it means names will be removed as is. If you look on the ban list a lot of the bad names have been taken and are banned. People can't create accounts with the same name as another user. Filtering is good as an idea but it would have more negative effects than positive ones.