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Irc is a bitch to join all of the time, so why doesn't toribash have its own official discord? It would be easier to stay active with the community and remind me that toribash is a thing. It is basically a plus for all active discord users like me.
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it looks better too, why not
you can have bots that automoderate
and for those who prefer irc, discord has an irc-like format
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Lots of people have discord, and irc is accessible from literally any Web platform, including mobile. I don't think it's really necessary to have an official discord on top of an official IRC, and I doubt people would ever use the IRC anymore if they set up a discord that really isn't needed outside of minor inconveniences for a select few people.
I think I might be retired.
Lots of people have discord

point exactly

and irc is accessible from literally any Web platform including mobile.

discord is also

I don't think it's really necessary to have an official discord on top of an official IRC

not necessary but useful

if we can make an official toribash discord we can have users play together more, discord gives more options than irc such as rooms inside the discord so people can chat about certain things in their respected rooms
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and discord has an ingame overlay, so you can chat with people in your server...
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I'm supporting this idea. People have been making their own Toribash Discords lately, claiming it as official, but I think actual staff should be moderating it. It's not so hard to set up and maintain a Discord, so I guess why not?

I think we should also lay the focus on the permissions, roles and channels in this thread. For example, #general would be repurposed to #toribash, then maybe #support and #market are added as well. I personally think clans and orgs don't get their own channels in the official Toribash server, for the channel list would become absolutely blown up as there are a lot of clans and orgs. Let's not forget to also set some voice channels. Which channels would you like to see?

Roles and permissions should be straightforward. @everyone role will not be able to use text to speech, use @everyone to highlight everyone, maybe not be able to embed links and send attachments, et cetera. Staff gets to have a bit more power, obviously. Probably several roles with several different permissions, just like IRC. For example: some higher staff will be able to manage servers and channels, while others are able to manage roles, emojis and messages, and another staff group can only kick and ban people. Should other roles be added as well, eg. clan leaders and org leaders? Does everyone have the right to pick his/her own color? Tell me.

Those are all just suggestions, what do you guys think?
i didn't know we use irc to talk about ingame
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

There are a bunch of pro's to having an officially acknowledged Toribash Discord.

First off, it's one server instead of a bunch of unofficial splinters. Because of this, it will be more convenient for players to find the server as permanent links will be provided from official Toribash sources like the news board, #support and #toribash channels in IRC, and probably a bunch of other places as well. Confirmation that it is indeed the official server in itself will also get more players involved.

A Discord server is not hard to set up. Perhaps current IRCops could set something up. This way you can be certain of professional moderation following Toribash guidelines. If you don't like the fact that staff will get influence on Discord, please remember that you are free to make your own side-servers whenever you like. No one will be able to tell you you can't.

Discord is a huge improvement over IRC. Discord is now one of the most accessible chat services for gamers. Many people use Discord, and you don't need to set up much client-side, unlike with IRC clients. People joining for support also don't need to install Discord per se, because of the web client. This is kind of similar to webchat, but unlike webchat, you get all of Discord's features in the web client except for maybe the in-game overlay. The in-game overlay, by the way, is one of those features that makes the downloadable Discord client worthwhile, because you don't have to exit your game to ask for support or chat with other Toribashers. Another thing that makes Discord great is that it has a mobile app, so you can stay in touch with Toribashers on the go. With IRC, this is a bit harder, because everything you miss while you are offline is gone forever.

The fact that IRC would become obsolete was inevitable. Discord and IRC can coexist, and surely will, but the modern platform for gamers is Discord. There's no point in being conservative with the community in terms of media used, because you will only make it harder for new players who haven't been around for long to adapt. And you want those new players to get involved in order to be able to maintain a healthy community.
nothing like a long post full of preference

what if i said i'd rather use irc? i don't want you all to have my discord.

i see icky-phone more than i see icky, all i did in my irc client was auto /msg nickserv, irc servers aren't hard to set up
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up