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Forum Themes
If we had some forum options like "dark" "light" and "cozy" or "compact" settings that would be nice. Or if we could pick a variety of colors for every aspect of the site itself ex. Like google sites.

Notice this senpaizuri

I like the idea, and "dark" themes are becoming very popular, although it would probably end up getting unlocked with Forum VIP or Tori-Prime.

Themes are cool, vBulletin has plug-ins for it. Don't know exactly how it works but it can be done.

Dark theme team. I want this.
Every time we had a forum update the template edits would have to be applied to every theme we had individually. Now, in order for template changes to be compatible with eachother, we would most likeley not be able to change a whole lot about them.

It's an unlikely suggestion, but not impossible. If there are new themes ever, I wouldn't count on more than two at once.
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For instance: Night Mode - Darker colours, less saturated blues (Some will understand), different hover and highlight colours.

Totally supported. Well done for suggesting it. I'm surprised I didn't think of it myself as I'm one for over customisation.
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Or you can look for the same Add-on I got if you use chrome too, I know I found it in the Add-on store with the keyword "Nightmode" so yeah.

How the forum look with the nightmode I got

I'm for a night theme made by the dev that could be more sweet and fit more the forum than an automatic nightmode/etc

Anyway, nice idea overall
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