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UnGrab Ghost.
I think that there should be an option to see the outcome of ungrabbing.

I find myself in scenario in which it would be advantageous to ungrab, to save from the grab glitch but I can't save properly because he un-grabs the same time and the ghost couldn't predict the out come of both of us un-grabbing.

Forcing me to ungrab blindly hoping that he either stays grabbed or I could save because he didn't move that much after ungrabbing.

I hope this all makes sense, it's kind of hard to explain.
Well basically you're requesting a ghost that shows what the opponent is going to do, which is against the entire point of the game

Bad idea...
that takes away the purpose of toribash and turns the game into furiously grabbing and ungrabbing to mask what you are going to do....
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mod requests:
Ask a realtime ghost of you opponent, it's the same thing lol

One of the principles of Toribash is bluffing to win, and your idea will kill bluffing

Bad idea, unsupporting
He might just be asking to be able to toggle-click the opponent's hand to see what it would look like if he were to let go. It's not cheating, if anything you still have to predict if they're going to let go. I find myself often trying to figure out how to avoid getting thrown when I do play, and without a reliable way of checking where I could end up, there's not really a point in trying to save it. This would be a way to possibly counteracting my personal inability to see trajectory. Not a bad idea.
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I feel like this idea isn't getting a chance. You aren't seeing what your opponent will do, you are just preparing yourself in the case they do ungrab. If anything it is adding a little more thought into the game. A toggle for your opponents grabs wouldn't break the game so I support this. Too many matches I've had which are decided by whether I let go or grab at a particular moment: a chance to test your options isn't bad.
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You can't change the opponent's joints to change their ghost to predict how the next turn might go so why should you be able to change their ghost in any way? I understand the concept but is this necessary? In my mind, no, just because a game can be quickly decided by an opponent ungripping it can also be turned around with a change of the joints in a way you didn't anticipate. Being able to change your opponent's ghost will take your focus off of yourself and more towards what MIGHT happen the next turn. Say you anticipate them ungripping, change their ghost to show it that way and they don't let go, your entire ghost will be wrong because you assumed. This isn't a feature that makes much sense to put the effort into just because you'd like to be able to change the opponent's ghost.
I feel like you are looking way into this, I don't know how often you are in-game but for someone who is in-game a lot, this addition won't affect much, it is one of those features you wouldn't have to use yourself so arguing about it taking your focus away from the actual situation isn't that great of an argument; especially for players who are able to go through outcomes rapidly or anticipate better (the competitive players). You wouldn't exactly be seeing what your opponent will do, you would just be anticipating the outcome of them switching their grabs. I used to have a glitch on older versions of TB which tested just this feature and it was interesting to have the option to see how I would fly if neither my opponent and I grabbed. For a game built on anticipation, this feature doesn't hurt it at all. It would definetely be used in the competitve scene.