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This game needs to stop rewarding DC's
It makes absolutely no sense that someone has the ability to disconnect from a game in the very last frames if they happen to be losing and deny both the streak/win AND toricash to the victor. This happens with a good 20% of the spar's that i've been apart of recently. Yesterday, of the 60 matches I played I counted 22 purposeful DC's (meaning joining /spec or leaving server and immediately rejoining) from potential wins. Of those 60 matches, I lost about 32 (bad day sadly). So what should have been still 28 wins ended up only being about 6 with all of the DC's I dealt with (different servers and all, no chat involved). Now to be fair, this is the worst i've ever seen it. But I'd say I get an average of 5-15 DC's each session in response to near wins when I average a 100 games.

I am sure this suggestion/complaint has already been brought up thousands of times... but It is so irritating that I can't help but rant. Toribash should simply treat disconnects as every other game does and make it count as a loss/surrender. It has to be the most abused function I've ever witnessed in a game in its current state.
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bann after 3 or 4 fwins disconects in a row
It would make farming for qi/tc easy in public rooms if u just have to /rec to a get 10 tc and 1 qi

This already happens; but instead of /sp they just use one move self-DQ's. I've caught people doing it constantly (and recently). I am not against finding solutions for this, but I still feel it is irrelevant to the common problem I am addressing here. I am almost considering doing some video recordings of my recent matches and just doing a compilation of JUST dc's. It happens so many times every day that it is unreal; and everyone I play with has been saying the same.