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Rainbow 6 Vegas: Shadow Vanguard
Well I have the game and I am ranked on the leader board and I was wondering if anyone else had this app (or any others such as Modern combat 2:Black Pegasus) and would like to play together at one point if so just message me soon and we can make a time to meet online and we can play together. I'm hoping I'm not the only one that plays this game (and others) on their iPod touch. And maybe if I can find enough people, I can host a tourny (hopefully) with all of you guys who play it. So please don't hesistate to give me a private message!

My user: "GnL_Fourth" (I'll be changing it based on my rank so message me cause it wont be the same) I am the person with the hawk as a picture.

That is the leader board and I hope to see you all on wifi! (:
(If you are not directly linked to the leader board page click the little tab that says "leader board" and you'll be directed to it.)