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What type of items do you want to see?
This is an idea thread for items that are currently not in the game. Be descriptive and tell us where the item would be located in-game. Items should be broad enough that many people would want it, so don't suggest a specialized unique item only fit for you.

Example: I'd like to see a cigar in-game. It would be in the mouth region (head). It should have some ash on the end and maybe have a fancy looking wrapper/band.
I'm thinking some sort of nature theme item would be amazing. I noticed the tree arm you were making and I would 100% want it.

I'd love to see some sort of bonsai tree or other type growing out of your head, or something similar. Or a full tree set.

A full realistic body that's texturally would be crazy as well.

A king/queen crown would be really cool as well, maybe something that clearly states it's a "false kings crown", since there are already crowns made in the game for people/clans
a bonsai tree sounds really good, as Navi said

I dont have many good ideas and you saying I shouldnt give ideas would only work out for me kinda makes me wanna refrain from posting but, I've always wanted to see animalistic 3D objects such as animals' body parts and such.
Cat ears (obviously); a lion's mane (that's kinda personal); more different type of horns and maybe insects' antennas; tails and wings sounds great too

I'm not sure if that already exists but maybe old looking bandages like in Nuthug's textures. That could cover toris' entire body or not
I guess there is something similar that stays in the head but a full body extension should be cool.

Another thing that could look interesting is a rainbow floating behind the tori's head, with clouds limiting its beginning and ending. The item would show the rainbow above your head and both clouds should be visible on the height of your shoulders or something.
A raining/dark cloud above your tori would be pretty awesome too
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If you saw my suggestion about having a big tournament, I would say having a golden statue of a Tori

Upgradeable armor items -
This items start out as low class armor just like the recent upgradeable item.
There will be themes to what kind of armor you want it to become (water, fire, wind, earth, dark, light)

water - blue armor
fire - red armor
wind - white armor
earth - green and or brown armor
dark - black armor
light - yellow armor
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Mafia set
- fedora,
- formal shoes
- magnum 375
- a very small table with a glass of whiskey and a cigar placed on it (floor item)

Smaller version of magnum to reduce the number of polys
Something like this:

...i just realized that it's incredibly difficult, but whatever.
Maybe one day you'll try to do it. ;)
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- fedora

unfortunately i don't think a fedora will ever happen since thats fish's legend item

how about a cowboy hat
That was really bad sorry.
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unfortunately i don't think a fedora will ever happen since thats fish's legend item

True, I forgot about it.

Maybe black/brown hairs simply combed back.
A popular hairstyle in movies such as: "goodfellas", "Casino" or "godfather"
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I want to see a 24 pack of beer as another floor item.
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