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Stone Relax joints exchange.
I hope that I'm not the only one who completes toribash quests for those shiny rewards. And I also hope that I'm not the only one who wants to collect a full set of Stone Relax joints. If so, you know how painful it is to get a Neck joint for the third time, losing all the hope to collect a full set. Well, I'll try to help you and myself at the same time, a little bit.

What is this all about?
I will list the Stone Relax joints that i'm missing and would like to get. On the other hand, I will also make a list of the spare ones in my inventory. If you've found the Stone Relax joint that you'd like to get from me and you've got the one that I need, we can trade at this point. So simple!

What I want:

Right Ankle
Right Glute
Left Knee
Left Axilla (pec)
Left Shoulder


What I would trade for:

Left Glute [x2]
Left Elbow
Right Shoulder[x2]
Right Wrist

Changes will be made to the lists over time.
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left wrist for left shoulder
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@Angels; @IzDarkx: I could give you neither of the items you want guys. Thanks for the offers but care to check the lists beforehand, please

@Unrealistic: Anything from the second list