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Song used : Shygirl - NVR
haven't edit for a while, also ignore the outro lol

Really enjoyable. Just one point. The video color pallete is sooooo weird, it's hurt the eyes, is so much colors, every color don't match with the others. High glitch (colorful) effects is odd but the sync, the flow is really cool.

Song : Black Sun Empire - Swarm
nothing new, just remaking my old video
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song : Sá xị chương dương - Cam
i haven't make video for a while, i made this for an videomaking event
simple and quick video
cncs are welcomed
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testing sound effects again, i got inspired by ip man so i decided to make one
cncs are welcomed

really reminds me of oldschool toribash and mocucha videos, but it's got a good bit of that new polish many videos have now. really well done and god is the camerawork ever good.

I know it's not a massive edit, and it's definitely just a test for the sound effects. i think you nailed the look!

honestly the beginning when you zoom through the pillars into the scene is my favourite part. 0:09 to around 0:15 was a close second. the camera work here is so fluid and well controlled
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord

Song : Cắt kéo trên lê nin - Low G
This is the first time i edit league video, hope you guys like it !