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If you had 1 wish, what would you wish for?
If I had one wish, i would wish that i could remove the negative from the world and turn it into a positive.
I suppose i want that to happen because everyone's point of view is different no matter who or what you are and it'd be nice to let them know there's a positive in most things rather than a negative.
(keep in mind that's only a wish not something that could happen to everyone )

but anyway say what you would wish for and explain little on why.
No matter what it is.
(try to keep it PG, & try not to bash me on this post, im bored)

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Read people's minds, it's boring, yes, but it's so damn helpful, also I'm curious as fuck so I'd like to know what everyone's thinking.
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That reincarnation is real. I couldn't stress to you how much i want a chance to live another way that i was never able to. It would be cool to die and forget every single thing you did. But be able to come back and live a completely separate life and forget about the old one.
I would wish that money gets deleted making interest disappear.. :c
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I wish I was a genius or something. Then I can begin my world domination.
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