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Wished that I went back in time so that the only worries I had in life was how fast I could run in primary school
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That reincarnation is real. I couldn't stress to you how much i want a chance to live another way that i was never able to. It would be cool to die and forget every single thing you did. But be able to come back and live a completely separate life and forget about the old one.

This is essentially already true... we are all just life shoved into a unique body/brain. Your memories are what make you you. If you delete those memories, you are no longer you in the same sense, just another human blank slate, as everyone is when they're conceived. How would you know that you were not reincarnated and just don't have any of the memories from your past life/lives?
You have lived every life there ever was. You just don't have those memories in your current form. You are life, as am I. We are the same. We all are.
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i wanna be wildly famous but nobody knows why im famous and i remain famous as that guy who nobody can remember why he's famous

There are a significant number of famous people who more or less fit these criteria. I hate celebrities.

If we're assuming there's no monkey's paw business going on here, then my wish is one of two things... either for all life to be a hive-mind or for entropy to no longer naturally increase with time. The former would immediately unify our planet and many others, allow us to technologically advance extremely quickly, improve quality of life for every organism, etc. The latter has even weirder implications, but would ensure that there is no effective end to the universe, which is neat.
<Hush> the beat feature sounds like the main event at a circle jerk festival
I wish that I wontdie :^)

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breath of the wild link i need this
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???