Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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asian gf (just a normal asian gf no sexual objectification here)

respect bro.
pm me your questions or applications

send me pics of japanese girls
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i wanna be wildly famous but nobody knows why im famous and i remain famous as that guy who nobody can remember why he's famous

isn't that what's going on right now?
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
I wish for unlimited warm biscuits and fries from popeyes, and unlimited hot sauce for the fries (none of this spoils or goes cold)

my alternative wish is to have every living thing obtain god(s) like power at the cost of all past memories (including good and bad) erased.

any person or animal or thing that would use this power purely unethically will be sentenced to instant physical smite from existence until a set date, in which you'll be placed back into a different physical form among living things but without any power but immortality. all memories except for the one of you doing wrong and being punished reset.
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Yet Another Goomba Post/Thread
i would wish for the person granting me the wish to be able to give multiple wishes and then i would wish for 10000 wishes
Immortality. You may think that immortality is not a good wish, but it's pretty good in my opinion.
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