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what is this supposed to mean

Fire is a self-declared queerphobe.
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It's not my problem if you get butthurt about everything.

The divide between trans and cis people is a problem for all people, and bridging it is especially cis people's problem.
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It was literally just a joke that is actually very true and strongly represents our community.

It's only "true" if you don't understand or care about queerphobia or consent in the slightest.
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Get yourself some help

What with?
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Were these 'protestors' also assisting in the magnificent 'Chaz Zone' where a bunch of 'innocent protestors' took over 6 blocks in portland, fenced everything off, kicked all cops out, then many people got robbed, beaten, etc, and 2 people ended up dying?Because I know you were a big influence there, so if these protestors were doing what you were doing, then they totally deserve to be on the FBI's watchlist, or locked up for a long time for being a threat to national security.

Though this is a gross misunderstanding of what CHOP was and what took place there (also it took place here in Seattle), the answer is actually no. The gov isn't pressing any charges related to CHOP because nothing there was overtly dangerous or illegal. They are mainly collecting data on protesters who have been out on a great number of nights, regardless of whether those protesters have taken part in property damage or not.
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Isn't that what China does as well though ?

Yup! But China can't control the ads I see while US tech companies can.
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Ok now i'm confused by who you mean 'they' is. You're saying the US is selling our information to the US government...?

"They" are the tech companies who farm your data. They sell that data to the government and justice department.
<Hush> the beat feature sounds like the main event at a circle jerk festival
Lets talk about the video and ignore Maya kgo

The video is so true :^) esp the one where he showed what would happen to a straight white male in an illegal "joke club" or whatever that was
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well uh, this was an interesting read to say the least.
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