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No Nut Novembert
What are your thoughts on this movement? Are you taking part in it? Have you ever succeeded doing it? Is porn bad for you? Discuss.
It's a cool challenge but people like to circle jerk (ironic) about it every time November rolls around. November is my least favorite month because of this.
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It's fun but you get a certain kind of people who will feel like they've completed the biggest achievement of their life for not cooming for 30 days. After that they'll relapse and coom until next year.

I failed on the second day and I'm not bothered about it. It's people like them that make me not to care. Do it if you want to but don't be annoying in the process.
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u ever just go hm think ill fap and then get disgusted when u rlly look at the thumbnails or just think it looks way boring nd not worth ur time so you just nap instead

that's me since the start of 2020


still occasionally doing the sex thing tho
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I started it earlier this year from like 25th of october so i'm 17 days strong right now, but how some people already said it's not a big achivement tbh, not doing PMO is a self control thing. Some people can't control this for like 2 days, let alone 30, but again most of the people doing this challenge are doing it for the meme mostly, not actually for their own benefit, most of them will prob relapse on 1st of december.

Also yes, porn is not good in general, i mean you could watch it now and then, but don't masturbate to it or over use it it will change your mentality.
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What are your thoughts on this movement?

it's kinda cringe imo.
it's a stupid meaningless rule like 'if you turn your back to the bartender, you have to chug your drink huehue'
like bitch just let me live my life

and if you don't participate you're not 'fun'

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Are you taking part in it? Have you ever succeeded doing it?

no and no.

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Is porn bad for you?

as with all things, it can be.
i don't believe it is bad for you in general, but if it's hindering your ability to function normally, then yes.
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