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I'm glad others have the sense of challenge in understanding what kind of habit fapping is. I do it by default since I haven't fapped in years. I don't think porn is good for you, although I wouldn't go out of my way to say it's bad for you without defining what porn is precisely. And what it means for something to be bad for you. If it's habitual use I would say making an effort to restrict consumption would most likely correlate with self-perceived improvements in other areas of your life due to the nature of the act and the kind of attitude it probably requires.

it's kinda cringe imo

I wrote this post as an excuse to post this helpful image. If the image fails to load I'm going to put exactly zero effort in fixing it.
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it's a gif of an anime person with furry ears snickering

also this shows up in the wysiwyg editor emote but not in the post preview so if this doesnt show up it never will
piece of shit