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What are back pockets used for?
I get the front but not the back. Cant put anything valuable there because it'll eithr get snatched or crushed when you sit. SOoooo. whats the purpose?
Could be a fashion thing but I've seen people carry their phones in their back pockets. They take it out before sitting but still, I agree that they don't feel as safe.
In women's pants they're the only usable pockets...
So I put my either my phone or a knife in one back pocket and a lockpicking set in the other sometimes. The pants are tight enough that everything feels very safe in there.
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Phone, carkeys, or wallet goes in back if its casual wear.
(If you're worried about stuff getting nicked then rubber band wrapped around it / anything that creates friction or noise is a good plan)

Notes that i need to keep track of if its work related.

Anything flat that won't be uncomfortable can go there if i dont have a shirt pocket.
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do women really lack front pockets

Google it. Women's pants' front pockets are absolutely tiny or legitimately "drawn on."
<Hush> the beat feature sounds like the main event at a circle jerk festival
Anything that's not valuable. Something such a bag of unused tissue, earphones, etc. Otherwise everything else would be in a separate bag.
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