I heard that... if you want to poop and have nowhere to go, the back pockets can hold 'em for ya

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I mostly store ammunition in the back pocket. It's handry when it comes to a gunfight
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Some of the peeps under me already said it, but i mostly use my back pockets for wallet and my keys. Right back pocket wallet, left back pocket keys, right front pocket my phone and the left front pocket idk i don't really use that one most of the time.
seen my dad put his wallet back there usually the back pockets he had are a bit big, bigger then the wallet so it would be hard to snatch only if someone puts his hand deep in there but then not just he would be slapped to the moon for stealing but for being sexually harassed maybe IDK cuz like it would look suspicious what if the person didn't get to the wallet but was touching my dads butt omg.... and what if my mommy was beside us he does not want to be framed my mom can get the wrong idea no matter the situation 100 percent and if mommy thinks that my dad have any relation to that person he will have no pp pleasure for the next 5 years
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the reason women's pants have next to no pockets is because they have a VAGINA, they can fit a whole CHILD in there so it's pretty clear you can store much more than cock and cum in there, you can carry some werthers caramels or anything around the size of a child in there so making pockets for people with vaginas is kindof stupid it just hurts the environment imagine how much material that would cost for womens pockets when people with vagina holes can fit like 4 cinder blocks inside them already

i use the pockets for my car keys and/or my wallet depending on the type of pants or if I'm gonna be skating or biking or not
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