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What made you stop playing toribash
we all know this game sucks and the staff is generally pretty terrible but what made you stop playing tb
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I stopped and came back ~10 times now, everytime being gone longer, and.. I don't really know why I stop, really, I absolutely love this game, but sometimes I want some fast-paced game, I guess
im off and on tihs gaem. but everytim i stop playing its because i feel like I'm getting nowhere. Like i would join a clan, have fun, participate, try to get better, actually get better, but not be consistent, get banked on betting, clan starts to die, lose interest, leave, repeat.

Its just a horrible little cycle but the game concept is so cool i want to keep playing. but sometimes the shit just aint worth it.
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it became stale, and I just moved on to different games. I'm still active as a community member/moderator, but I'm not really interested in playing the game anymore after playing on and off for 13 years.
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no one plays the game so theres no point cant even fill bet servers on weekends half the time
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it became stale, and I just moved on to different games


i only played toribash for so long because i had terrible internet and a terrible pc for most of my life. toribash doesn't demand much, so it was one of the few options that i had/was aware of back in the day. after i got better internet, around very late 2016, i moved on to overwatch and from that to other things

also, pretty much everyone that i enjoyed playing with has moved on as well, although i still talk to a lot of them almost daily. i only really play if we can schedule some games.

otherwise, playing alone gets very boring, very fast bc, well, ive known this game for almost 10 years now and i cant really be impressed by it anymore. sometimes saying stupid shit in the chat is more exciting than playing, and waiting on queues in dead servers sucks
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What stopped me playing from toribash for a while was that finding players to play with has become harder as days pass by. Many people don't bother hang around and some people just quit because they don't improve. Hampa created a game where you get bored and you keep on coming back for any reason. I quitted for a year and I came back because I wanted to play the game again. Its an endless painful cycle.

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