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hard agree on the staff being dogshit neko wont change my sigpic and i even made a nice drawing for him
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The game itself gets boring and repetitive after a while if you just play. Won't hurt take a break sometimes. I like the community so I never really stopped.
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never gonna stop till i'm at the top but if the dueling meta doesn't shift away from boxshu I'll consider stopping
playing the game?

got better internet. the only thing that really kept me playing turn-based games was because I had shit internet.

the game’s fun enough, but what’s kept me around is the community. you’re a bunch of clowns, but at least a relatively likable bunch of clowns.
havent stopped yet

i put too much time into this game yet i feel i can still get better if i keep testing myself against good people

if there are no more skilled players for me to test myself against then thats when i will stop playing

also when endurance onslaught isnt a thing anymore
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Care to explain? Not even trolling. What aspect makes the staff shit? Rules they make, behavior, attitude? Perhaps it was just me being some sort of staff for so long that I just didn't see it the same as regular members. I just hope that no one saw me as shit lmao I guess to an extent.

Well it wasn’t cool when you made my dead dad your profile picture.
unban wounder already

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