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Another thread about how wibbles should exist
I just saw a nice little thread get annihilated because it didn't qualify for off-topic.
I like to shitpost but i can't and I'm sad.
Like what if it was someones birthday and they wanted wishes? well it don't qualify for off topic so they can't even go nowhere.

I get why y'all got rid of it but I'm tired and I'm sure others are tired of having to put thought into doing things. Like i wanna show off my ability to put up a middle finger with my toes, but i can't even do that and get public approval.
While it would be nice in some instances and while maybe you'd like to use it in a fun and engaging way...
apparently most users interested in such a board just want to use the platform to dunk on minorities or make inappropriate posts about me.
<Hush> the beat feature sounds like the main event at a circle jerk festival
I bet you're talking about my amazing thread, where i boasted finishing the head in the wall 2 challenge... yeah thats tough :-( #freewibbles

**I agree with Maya, wibbles could be a thing again, lets just not make it another /b/ offspring.
(it can be a shitposting shitstorm but doesn't need to be like 4chan basically)
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I'd want wibbles to be back except the cesspit sir created with the rebirth of wibbles (paywall and no rules which turned it into pol/). if it's not just pure shitpost and and had actual effort put into the jokes, then I'm all in for wibbles to return.
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[insert generic quotes from certain players]
we need hipotibor back first, the ceo of racism and transphobia before we do that
[insert generic quotes from certain players]
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just create another subforum dedicated to hating maya problem solved

Good idea