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11 Habits That Make You A Happier, Less Toxic Person

what if im toxic and happy

get your dumb articles outta here
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you should have also asked if they intend on reducing their toxicity going forward


playing for honor since release until january this year has made me a very toxic person. i would kill someone in a very cheesy and annoying way then taunt them and hope for messages. i would often "hunt for messages" by doing that to every person i came across even team mates when they died


lol yes

5 11

not ever no

when I started dueling
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i never really bully people but i must say .. in league of legends.. i get it crackin XD
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I'm in full support of the concept of humor without restriction, and I view the usage of the word 'toxic' to be indicative of a stifling, hugbox culture. Learn to take it easy, the culture of recline should be on an incline. People will be assholes regardless of what you do. The most intellectually productive thing I've done was work out what makes me angry, why, and whether I'm just frustrated or have just cause to be angry.
Dunno why they'd try to extend that to women or nb folk

If you're telling me you can't generalize mundane things like smiling, thinking positive thoughts, and humor to people in general, then I agree. Women shouldn't laugh, smile, think positively, but instead only engage with nihilistic obsessions of futility and meaninglessness. Facing your problems head on instead of cowering away has created a greater peace of mind for me than mindless escapism. Men shouldn't hole themselves up in 'positivity' either. The pursuit of happiness is a mind numbing poison.
sometimes i enjoy being flamed in online games
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