The Other green.
Holy shit!
You r amazing.
Opener was nice.
Split that using your hand was good.
Decap was Really really awesome.
Booms were awesome too.
I don't really like the pose.
The flow and speed of you replay was nice.
I love this replay.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
Very nice juggle, and real nice dm's.

But I didn't like those leg dm's, they didn't feel right for me.

Didn't like the very last few frames, something was wrong.

But the overall movement, and look was great.

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Nice replay, very entertaining.
can't really add anything that hasn't been said already. Maybe if you get your self in similar situation (the head kick/skeet decap) try getting a little more air, it will give you a few more frames to set up a better landing. Nj.
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Good day Dr. Freud
Wow, great job.
Loved it.
Loved how you played with your head.
Decap was sectacular.

The second boom could've been abit bigger.
You ghosted with your right arm and right leg at 77 Frames.
You lost all your balance and fell to the ground while kicking that head at 200 - 190 frames.
How you came into the pose looked abit stiff and off-balance.

Other from that, waow.
The other green: The only flaws I see are that the crotch kick was a bit akward, it didn't hit dead center but the dms made it look like.
You fell to the ground after the skeet.
You also broke the flow after the crotch kick when you jumped onto your feet.

Otherwise, very interesting replay.
oh yeah
Wow. That's the most comments I have received on a replay ever since I registered to this forums, thanks a lot guys.
Anyways, I'll try not to create a replay that involves me decapitating myself for a while.
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The mini manip was a bit akward because your arm was in a strange position to grab Uke.
Wonderful decap, head skeets are the best.
I'm sure you could have made a bigger boom with the glute kick, but still a nice one.
The chest kick wasn't very solid, but you still managed to get the boomhit somehow.
Loved the pose, it's different. It felt a bit stiff though.
oh yeah
Opener was a bit stiff.
I dont like the manip, it can be done better.
Head skeet was amazing, really love it.
The next booms was nice.
Nothing really special in the booms.
Pose was nice,i liked your pose.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
Opener was extremely generic.
The first decap with your head looked freaking amazing.
The booms, yeah, they were good.
Pose was okey.

So the flaws I could see was:
Opener, extremely fucking generic.
Random 5 frames spazz out before posing.
Opener was generic and very awkward.

The follow up was very flowish, and the decap was freaking awesome. Good job.

The leading spin was well done, and the booms were very nice, although some were a tad too messy.

Pose was great.
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