Oh look, it's like Nate but way worse.
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this looks pretty neat, but your knees look really stiff the whole time and that's my ONLY GRIPE!!

other than that, GREAT ONE! THANKS FOR !

I dieded an openerer challegogne thing
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"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen
Personally, I think it's the best one yet, holy shit.
I love it, those dms were perfect, minus the last wrist one that was eeeh, love the skeet too :o
Cool transition from the opener, very smooth stuff

wasn't a fan of the stuff after the wrist break, looked really choppy and you lost a lot of speed.

dms were aight, good speed on them

the half kickoff thing you did looked bad, might just be me idk

skeet was well placed, although you could have made it a bit flashier. (bit boring)

pose sux

Overall its aight, gj
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everything is pretty alright in this replay but what rly stood out 2 me atleast is how u dmed the elbows/wrists/neck

i've always rly liked fast kick combos and the one you did here while spinning was really nice

good joba
thanks bois

I don't read
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|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen
The opener was generic i'll tell you that. But the execution of it was crazy smooth. Movement speed is perfect and your movements cuts through like butter knife through hot steel. Lift was cool and the transition reminds me of a Swexx replay, i don't know why. It lacked dismemberments and no skeets were made that day. But the movements was gold.
Maybe use the extra frames and boom shit to oblivion because i've seen better from you. But this was already a really good replay.
But still lacked dismemberments.
Needs a V2.
Thanks bois.

Some randoms hit i did in 30 mins for jisse's new mod. Totaly recommended mod.
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