Hey, Swep.

Jesus, how the fuck were you able to pull such things off?! It's not even Tuesday yet. Or am I in the wrong thread?

Touch Like an Angel of Death 4
Opener was hard as boner. Then it got better.
Punch was k.
1st DMing kick was eh.
The back boom was wtaf.
Then 2nd back boom was sikh af.
Reminds me of how Dezrai DMs Uke easily.
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Hey look I finished it. Not like anyone cares or anything ;c
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|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
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A taste of my scythe
cool opener
gravity doesn't seem to affect your movement much
cool boom
flow-ey but not in a good way
Things you should do:
solid replay overall, but you need to keep moving at 120-70 because it bore me away halfway through the spin, you could have utilized the gravity for more speed and momentum but you didn't, this replay is a bit short, at least add some more thing that can cover for the boring start, also, you shouldn't fully contract the knee, just hold it halfway contracted or even relax it, that way you wouldn't look so stiff, but your movement here is p cool, quite flow-ey but still some little twitches. 7/10.
Thanks fam, appreciated. It was more of an experimental/educational run for me, but I figured to add a boom and post it.
Look, moooaaaar!

Boom is bruise-abused af. Couldn't give less fucks. It's a boom. It looks swell.
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Ugly.rpl (177.6 KB, 15 views)
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Har dig kompis.

I'm more of a fan of running, rolling, climbing and all what realism gives. And I've never been a fan of tricking.

You are fluid af, which is nice. You also use the environment some too make it a parkour-replay, and not a tricking one. I like that you try to switch up the tricks so it doesn't become the usual backflip-cork-pose, but I've never felt you've fallen into that trap before either, so it's good as usual.

I want to see you do a longer parkour, where you have to run, jump, climb etc.

Mix the elements of realism and tricking, and I'd give you a 10/10.

7/10 - I don't like tricking much.
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Ok, the beggining seems a little bit stiffy but still you got a nice spin.
I loved the way you made the same leg split and decap Uke, it seems very tricky to get yet good to look at.
The last kick was like a "cerise sur le gâteau" in french, nothing really to say, you can easily feel the power through it.

Oh yeah, one last thing: rename your replay, It's not ugly you nerd :P
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